Znuny Consulting

Don't have an IT documentation system yet? Looking at implementing i-doit? You would like to introduce Znuny? Then our consulting offer is just right for you.

Scope of services


I am interested in:
Znuny Consulting

Conceptual design

2 days on site

Elaboration of the configuration of Znuny and brief written confirmation of the results.

Installation & Configuration

2 days remote

Based on the results of the workshop, we install and configure the customer Znuny

Handover & Training

2 days remote

Handover of customer-configured Znuny, training of agents and administrators. Corrections and adjustments of the freshly installed Znuny.

Important information / price

PRICE: 6.500€ (1 PT saved!)

If you need support for ongoing operations, we recommend our “all-inclusive” contract.