IT Service Management with Znuny LTS

Znuny is the successor of the widely used ((OTRS)) Community Edition, which is no longer supported by the manufacturer since the beginning of 2021.

Use cases for this ITIL-compliant IT service management platform are:

Ticket from ((OTRS)) Community Edition

OTRS Version 6 is no longer supported by the manufacturer

On 12/23/2020 OTRS AG had informed that support for version 6, both OTRS 6 and ((OTRS)) Community Edition 6 will be discontinued as of 01.01.2021. This came as a surprise to many of us.

Because of this decision on the part of OTRS, we have decided to become a member of the OTTER Alliance, an association of leading services providers for the ((OTRS)) Community Edition in Germany, so that OTRS 6 users won’t be left in the lurch. All members of the OTTER Alliance recognise Znuny LTS as the designated successor to ((OTRS)) Community Edition and will therefore offer their support and services on a permanent basis.

This mean we can offer all ((OTRS)) Community Edition 6 users the following:

  • 24 months of additional support, updates and security fixes
  • Guaranteed compatibility with Version 6
  • Switch to the Znuny by simple update

If you are one of those affected by this change and have questions about how things will continue in future, please get in touch.


i-doit Connector



„At Felss, we have been producing the highest quality manufacturing systems for over 100 years. it-novum quickly implemented an OTRS-based IT service management tool that supports our employees in Europe, Asia and North America in their day-to-day business. This means we're also covered when any ITIL issues arise.“

Carsten Ackermann, IT Director, Felss Gruppe

Profit from a project with it-novum and Znuny

As a Znuny specialist with fifteen years of ITIL experience, it-novum advises, implements and parameterizes Znuny and offers corresponding support contracts to ensure trouble-free operation.

Migrating from OTRS to Znuny LTS

Upgrading to Znuny LTS

Znuny integration
into i-doit, openITCOCKPIT
or SAP

Developing Znuny LTS modules and interfaces

Conceptual design, configuration and training for Znuny LTS

Review and optimisation of Znuny LTS

Our complete service offer

Stephan Kraus
Director IT Service Management

We help with the introduction of the ticket system

Product features and benefits

Creating Tickets

Ticket creation via customer portal, email, phone or fax

Security and Permissions

Role and permission management, owner and responsibility allocation, 2-factor authentication, data transmission via SSL, encryption with S/MIME and PGP

Automation and Processes

Automatic notifications, individual ticket fields, master/slave function, process management

Look & Feel

Usage via smartphones and tablets, customisable themes, different ticket views, dashboard with filter options, multi-select input fields, copy and paste images


Generic interface via SOAP + REST, system monitoring e.g. Nagios, connectors for SAP, BMC, CTI, XSLT mapping

Ticket Management

Ticket prioritisation, allocation, assignment and tracking, service catalogue, ticket sharing and collection campaign jobs, templates and boilerplate texts, signatures, configurable notifications, notes, attachments

Time Management

Calendar and business hours, time tracking, resolution and reminder times, SLAs, escalations


Generate statistics with previews, CSV/PDF exports, dashboard notifications

No Installation of Local Clients

The system is completely managed via your web browser and email. Thanks to our responsive design, you can even use it via a smartphone and tablet.

How does Znuny fit into my business?

((OTRS)) Community Edition for Banks / Compliance Management

When problems arise, customers can report their issues or complaints about processes or products using a web form, by telephone or via letter or fax. All these channels are then merged into a single platform where customer communications are automatically displayed in chronological order in the form of support tickets Thus, in its broadest sense, the ticket acts as a customer record that can be expanded to include time-related functions such as configurable response and resolution times and an automated transfer function so that when individuals are not available, other members of staff can take on issues ensuring statutory deadlines are still met.

((OTRS)) Community Edition and Security Incident Handling

The requirements for documenting and processing security-related incidents have particularly risen since the IT Security Act of July 25, 2015 came into effect. Using ((OTRS)) Community Edition process management, standardised processes for documentation, assessment and approval can easily be realised, ensuring you comply with this important legislation.

((OTRS)) Community Edition as an IT Service Management Platform

Many companies start out using ((OTRS)) Community Edition as a helpdesk, but then gradually incorporate other IT processes into the system. The ((OTRS)) Community Edition process management system enables users to create forms that trigger predefined workflows. These can include, for example, approval processes, orders or even leave requests. In doing this, ((OTRS)) Community Edition offers companies a powerful framework for the structured processing and secure documentation of IT operations.

Customer Service / Call Centre / CRM

Znuny is an ideal tool for customer communication. 35 supported languages, an easy-to-use interface, connections for up to 10 external databases and a pre-existing customer portal with FAQs and predefined, standard boilerplate texts support agents in providing efficient communications. KPI statistics and customer satisfaction surveys can also be created.

Integrating External Companies

Znuny allows to communicate with external service providers from a ticket or to place an order directly from SAP in Znuny. Answers are automatically written into the relevant tickets as articles and the ticket status is also automatically updated. We can also tailor our connection to SAP (order tickets via web services, time tracking) or i-doit (CMDB) to suit the needs of your particular environment.

Introduction of a ticket system

The best practice guide describes the right approach and provides concrete tips.

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