openITCOCKPIT Next Steps: Tips & tricks for expanding your monitoring

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openITCOCKPIT is installed, hosts and services are set up, monitoring is running?

Then you are ready for the next step! The openITCOCKPIT developers show you how to make life even easier with openITCOCKPIT. With many tips and tricks to:

  • Wizards and import module to set up monitoring
  • Create and customize your own agents
  • Best practices for well-structured monitoring
  • Notifications
  • Clients and authorization structures
  • Parent/Child dependencies


From large data centers to critical IT services – monitor and manage all your servers, applications and systems at a glance!

openITCOCKPIT creates transparency through comprehensive monitoring of your entire IT. Modular features such as reporting, event correlation or cluster capability are available under an intuitive web interface. Experienced administrators are relieved by existing host and service templates. External systems can be easily connected to openITCOCKPIT via a JSON API.

No more manual editing of configuration files! The web frontend of openITCOCKPIT handles the configuration of the monitoring engine.

Your hosts

Irina Bering


Daniel Ziegler


Why you should attend

This webinar is for you if you are already familiar with openITCOCKPIT 4.0 and want to know how to make your monitoring even easier and better.

You learn:

  • know further functions of openITCOCKPIT
  • how to set up your monitoring even better and adapt it to your needs
  • practical tricks for the daily use of openITCOCKPIT

about it-novum

it-novum, eine Konzerntochter der börsennotierten Allgeier SE, ist das führende IT-Beratungsunternehmen für Business Open Source im deutschsprachigen Markt. Das Portfolio umfasst Lösungen für Big Data Analytics und IoT, Enterprise Information Management und IT Service Management.

Wir sind Anbieter einer integrierten ITSM Lösung und Hersteller der Next-Generation Monitoring Software openITCOCKPIT, die in großen Konzernen wie General Electric Healthcare, bei Mittelständlern wie Hela und in Forschungsgesellschaften wie Fraunhofer zum Einsatz kommt. Neben seinem ausgereiften SAP-Monitoring Feature schlägt openITCOCKPIT mit seiner Prometheus-Integration als erstes Monitoring Tool die Brücke zwischen Cloud Monitoring und klassischen Überwachungslösungen. Wir sind Premiumpartner für die Enterprise Lösungen der Dokumentationssoftware i-doit.


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