Integrated IT Service Management

Create your IT documentation in i-doit, manage your processes and workflows using ((OTRS)) Community Edition and monitor your infrastructure, applications and productions with openITCOCKPIT.

An Integrated IT Service Management Solution

The ITSM Suite from it-novum combines ((OTRS)) Community Edition, i-doit and openITCOCKPIT to form an integrated ITSM solution. The CMDB taking the lead.

ITSM Suite Modules

All information about any given object is available in all three programs
(i-doit, openITCOCKPIT, ((OTRS)) Community Edition) Ticket lists, CI information and live status updates can be viewed directly with further information just a click away.

Home- ITSM


Home- ITSM

((OTRS)) Community Edition

Advantages of the ITSM Suite

Get started quicker using a sophisticated service management solution

Save money without compromising on functionality

Avoid duplicating maintenance work by using an integrated solution

Open interfaces and easy expandability

A single point of contact for all tools and their interfaces

Customer-specific optimisation

One-Stop ITSM Support

All the advantages of the ITSM Suite combined with single-source, professional ITSM support. With an ITSM support contract from it-novum, you get professional support for ((OTRS)) Community Edition, i-doit and openITCOCKPIT Enterprise as well as the corresponding connectors offered by it-novum.

Home- ITSM